Terminal illnesses have dramatically affected the founder of SoloCicla and her family. A few years ago, co-founder Jacklyn Enriquez’s mother was diagnosed with a rare vulvar cancer known as Malignant Melanoma of the Urethra. Jacklyn took cycle classes as a way to deal with this challenging time in her family – cycling became her coping mechanism. And Jacklyn wasn’t alone – she met many people, some of whom became friends, who were also using cycling as a way to cope.

In honor of her loved ones and in support of a brighter future, SoloCicla is dedicated to providing in-kind and financial support to numerous charities

We are proud supporters of Providence St. Joseph’s Roy & Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center .


SoloRace For a Good Cause:

Sign up for a class during one of these bi-monthly fundraisers and 100% of your fees will be donated to a cancer research charity.

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In-Kind Donations

If you work with a charity that supports cancer research or in another way fights against terminal illnesses, SoloCicla will be happy to consider making an in-kind donation of classes or personal training to your next silent auction or fundraiser.

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We Want To Make A Difference:

Do you think SoloCicla might be able to make a positive impact in your community? We’d love to hear from you!

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