Our Story

Welcome to SoloCicla

It all started in February 2014 when SoloCicla’s owner Jacklyn Enriquez’s mother was diagnosed with urethral melanoma cancer. The news broke her. In an effort to help, a friend dragged Jacklyn to a cycling class to try and get her to escape her worries.  It turned out to be the release and life line she needed in order to keep going.  She knew she needed to stay mentally and physically strong if she was going to help her family get through this. Cycling became her outlet. Taking note of the positive impact cycling had on her life, Jacklyn felt inspired to start her own studio.

Jacklyn, opened the doors to “Solo” in order to create an experience where riders feel welcomed and can shed the stress of their day.

At the heart of this experience is our team of dynamic instructors and their unique playlists. They curate the best songs and beats to ensure your ride is a one of a kind rhythmic adventure. For you spiritual riders out there, we didn’t forget about you, in every class you can expect nourishing inspiration to push you through our action packed rides.

We look forward to seeing you on our studio soon!

-Your SoloCicla Team