Whether you’re a seasoned fitness buff or a reluctant first-timer, SoloCicla is your home for motivating cycle instruction. Our customized classes are designed so that our riders feel welcome and can work at their own pace. We combine a therapeutic approach with a passion for our community to create an action packed terrain for your ride. Our instructors bring years of combined cycling experience to our facility, and every one of them will have your physical and emotional health top of mind.

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Rhythmic Experience

SoloCicla offers a one of a kind rhythmic experience and we combine that with darkness or RGB lighting system as a part of classes. Whether you want to dance on the bike or zen-out in darkness — Solo has you covered!

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Performance IQ


SoloCicla is on the cutting edge of fitness tracking and reporting. All of our Members will be able to record their workout performance and track their progress from class to class, without touching their phone or even leaving their bike! Our smart technology allows making and achieving fitness goals that much easier. Members are also able to immediately share their successes on social media – a fantastic tool for garnering, and giving, support for your fellow spinners.

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Group Classes

Our spin classes feature some of the best instructors in LA, completely customizable bikes that can be adjusted to the most basic settings to the most strenuous. Many of our machines feature weighted flywheel systems, which simulate the effects of inertia and momentum when riding a real bicycle.

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1 on 1 Training

Personal trainers are also available for individual sessions on an ongoing basis. No matter if your schedule favors early morning workouts, afternoon pick-me-ups or evenings, our comprehensive set of formal classes and open access to our equipment will service whatever needs you may have.

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Members of SoloCicla are entitles to numerous special benefits including reduced class fees, complimentary on site services, and the first opportunity to access new vents and services. We have several levels of membership to choose from and offer flexible payment plans. Click below for more.

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